Men's Basketball Pays Visit to Vineyard Elementary

Holton Hunsaker

April 26, 2012

OREM, Utah - A group of Utah Valley University men's basketball players recently made a visit to Vineyard Elementary in Orem to talk about the importance of education with some second-graders at the school.

The players spent time with the kids, reading with them and answering questions ranging from how they became so skilled to which player has the biggest shoe size.

"We absolutely loved having the athletes come into our classroom! They came in and immediately caught the attention of the students and began to interact with them," said second-grade teacher Crystal Mortensen.

"I appreciated that the players focused on the importance of school and especially reading. My students were thrilled to have the opportunity to have the athletes read many fun books to them. The athletes were wonderful examples of becoming lifelong learners as they talked about doing their best in college, sports, and life. My students are still talking about their special visit and I can tell they made a lasting impression on each child."