UCCU experts give UVU basketball financial advice

Brad Norton

Nov. 14, 2013

OREM, Utah -- Representatives from Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) visited the men's basketball program on Thursday to teach the players some valuable financial principles.

Senior VP for Marketing and Business Development, Brad Norton and Director of Business Development Karen Tebbs gave the team tips on many areas, including: the dangers of credit card debt, savings accounts, building good credit, and practicing financial discipline.

"It's important that every student have a part-time job during school," Norton said. "But I've seen too many students take on too big of a car payment and lose the ability and momentum to stay in school because they have to work to make that big payment. Use that job to help you through school to move into your career."

"The most important thing is learning discipline when it comes to saving money and not just spending it," said Karen Tebbs, UCCU Director of Business Development. "It's not about how much money you put into an account every month, it's just that you do it and that you teach yourself so that it becomes part of your habitual behavior."

Each player took principles they can apply in their own personal lives. Several Wolverine players are married and some are young fathers as well.

"It's good to know that if you face financial issues you can ask for help rather than just be afraid to confront what you need to do," junior Chad Ross said.

"I learned it's not necessarily about how much you make but how much you budget and save," said sophomore Hayes Garrity.